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Bora Bora Passion


Manihi Sea Pearl


Magical Moorea Island



Suspended between magnificent turquoise waters and endless blue skies, the Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa is a secluded paradise protected by an idyllic cove of white sand and majestic lava rock. With the perfect balance of authenticity and modern luxury, the resort offers a unique combination of Polynesian traditions and world-class accommodations. Although famous for its two-story presidential overwater bungalows, all accommodations are appointed with rich, natural wood, marble bathrooms and French bath fixtures and bathtubs. Resort amenities include two gourmet restaurants, two hotel bars, an infinity pool, an activities center with water sports equipment, a gift boutique, an art gallery, and a private motu accessible by boat and available exclusively for guests.

BORA BORA PASSION Includes Daily Breakfast From $3199* 5 Nights, Travel Dates from 5/1/2013 to 3/31/2014


Manihi is a tiny string of islets surrounding a small, emerald lagoon. Her secluded, white sand beaches and swaying palm trees conjure up dreams of being cast away on a tropical isle, while her gentle trade winds and endless sunshine create a unique fairytale ambience.Just 6 miles wide and 12 miles long, Manihi sets the stage for an intimate deserted island getaway. Isolated from the modern world, the merely 800 Tahitians who call this place home are primarily pearl and copra farmers or talented artisans. With its leisurely lifestyle and extremely small island feel, places like this cannot easily be found anywhere else in the world.Manihi's warm lagoon is the ideal environment for cultivating the rare and precious Tahitian black pearl. The site of Tahiti's first black farm, Manihi is still the leading supplier of exotic cultured pearls.

Escape to the pristine island of Manihi with a variety of special offers from Tahiti Legends. Our Manihi travel packages include romantic honeymoons and unique vacations that will bring you straight into paradise.

InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa

Moorea is everyone’s dream of a spectacular Polynesian paradise. Often believed to have inspired the mythical “Bali Hai” from James Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific, it is a magical island of savage yet captivating beauty; a land where emerald mountains rise from sandy shores and tower over pineapple plantations, ivory beaches and shady lagoons.Here, life moves at a much slower pace. Beyond the hands of time, a carefree existence prevails, where the dream of walking barefoot in the sand for hours on end and basking in the glow of the warm, tropical sunlight can become an instant reality. It is this carefree lifestyle, coupled with its close proximity to the island of Tahiti, that makes Moorea a favorite among Tahitians and visitors alike. And the locals – just like the lagoon that surrounds the island they call home – are extremely warm and inviting to all arriving guests. This relaxed, friendly atmosphere, set amidst the island's rare, natural beauty, is what gives Moorea her unique charm.

MAGICAL MOOREA Includes 2 FREE Nights at the  InterContinental Moorea Resort & Spa From $2350* 5 Nights, Travel Dates from 1/11/2013 to 12/14/2013

Four Seasons Overwater Bungalows

Tahiti-Bora-Bora-280Escape with the entire family to the majestic island of Bora Bora with this exciting 6-night getaway and find the perfect balance of family activity with rest and relaxation at the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora. Includes an overwater bungalow and free breakfasts!Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, a luxury South Seas escape: beautiful overwater suites, a Pacific-side spa, and all-encompassing Four Seasons service.

From $5250* 6 Nights, Travel Dates from 1/7/2013 to 12/14/2013


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