Best Email Newsletters 2013

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Best Email Newsletters 2013
Which e-mail service provider to choose for preparing your email marketing campaigns is not that relevant, as long as they have good reputation. That said, GOOD reputation also means you need to follow their rules. These rules can be very restrictive if you can't prove where you got your email subscriber list from, how old it is, and if it's from one Web site or several sites. If you are trying to combine email subscribers from 3-4 web sites, most companies like Constant ContactiContact, and MailChimp will not allow you. And telltale sign of possible issues is bringing a 50,000 subscriber list-- an immediate RED FLAG! They'll want to know where, when, and how you got the list, when did you last had a campaign and with which company. They'll ask you why are you changing companies. Be prepared to have good answers, otherwise you may be wasting your time building an email template or email newsletter design, as your account may get frozen until you have a phone chat with their Account Review Manager. Even if you pass "GO" with your first round of emails, they still monitor both your bounce rate and unsubscribe rate. If you end up with more than .05 percent of a bounce or unsubscribe rate, they will freeze or close your account. An email subscriber list are the most valued ASSET a Company can have, so it needs to be maintained and used at the minimum on a weekly basis. Many companies actually do DAILY mailers to their LOYAL followers. I personally subscribe to a half a dozen email lists that are sent to me daily. These are mostly NEWS Lists which I follow on a regular basis. As far as commercial lists, I get those on a weekly basis and that's quite normal. As an advanced end user, or should I say SUBSCRIBER, I actually filter all my subscriptions into folders, so I may not look at them on busy days, but, for example, my FOLDER will show I have 3 messages waiting to review. So when I have time, I'll check on them, as I did subscribe to these lists. Since emails and HTML emails don't take a lot of space on my computer, I can get 1,000s of emails over a month that I subscribe to and not worry. Once they are in a designated FOLDER, I can also DELETE the entire content whenever I feel the need to do some cleaning. If you are already getting a TON OF SPAM, it's probably for a number of reasons. Here's a few of them:
  1. You have posted your email address on Craigslist and it got scraped by a spammer
  2. You have posted your email address on your own Web site in plain view
  3. You have posted your email address on your Web site hidden from view but seen in the HTML code
  4. You entered a contest online that sold your email address to 100s of companies with your authorization
  5. You subscribed to a newsletter that sold your email address to 100s companies
  6. You posted your email address on Linkedin, Facebook, or some other Social Media site, and it got scraped by a spammer.
I don't get much spam at all--perhaps 10 in a month, and I can manage them very easily, so they don't continue. I find the source and unsubscribe from it. Now let's take a look at some of the:


  1. Have your Company Name and Logo at the TOP of the Email, so people recognize it's your company (This is BRANDING)
  2. Have Compelling offers along with Compelling Images or Photos, as most people first respond to visual images and then to written content! Some don't' even like to read.
  3. Have each PRODUCT or SERVICE offer a quick link.
  4. Be sure to have full disclosure with your CONTACT INFO, like your email address, web site, and phone number!
  5. Offer a Web version of the email Newsletter to a quick link to the Newsletter on a server.
  6. Keep your Design Standard to your BRAND so it's always recognized as your BRAND (or stick with our design)
  7. Offer some FREE Deals, if you can, so people immediately check them out.
  8. Ask your subscribers to forward your email to friends and Family, so they can BENEFIT too.
  9. Last but not the least, you'll need to have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email to be fully compliant with the email standards.
All you need now is a regular email marketing campaign to make different offers on a weekly or monthly basis. Email marketing is the cheapest form of ADVERTISING, so you really need to get this going. Otherwise, expect to spend BIG BUCKS with almost all other marketing methods.
If you need design assistance for setting up your email subscriber accounts, contact me at this link:
Below is one of my many email marketing designs I have produced for my clients: SubscriberNewsletter-iContact-600
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