Best Landing Pages 2013

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Best Landing Pages 2013
One of the most important things in Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing is developing Lead Capture systems and strategies which gives you the ability to connect with your visitors on a regular basis through the Opt-in of Subscriber based Email Marketing. The number one question I get asked from clients is "How do I build my subscriber list?" Many web sites offer a subscriber form in hopes to get a visitor to add themselves to their list. This is one method of generating a small list only. If you have the Traffic already in the 1,000s per month, you can expect about a 1/2 of 1% of those visitors to sign-up to your list. That said, those numbers don't really sound that appealing. So with 10,000 visitors per month you can expect 50 subscribers, and if you get 30,000 visitors per month, you can expect 150 subscribers. On the other hand, if you incorporate a Dynamic Landing page, you'll see at least a 50% conversion rate, which is actually 100 times more effective than a 1/2 a percent! So taking those same numbers with a PPC Campaign and your Dynamic Landing page, 10,000 clicks will get you over 5,000 subscribers, and at 30,000 clicks expect at least 15,000 subscribers. It's really called the FUNNEL approach! Funnel all your visitors through your Landing page before they can get to see the rest of your information, deals, discounts and offers, and convert them to become your Subscribers. So how do you get on the FAST TRACK?  Fast Track Marketing requires two things: a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign and a Dynamically driven Landing Page. What's the difference between a Dynamically driven Landing Page and a Static Landing Page?  First off, a Static Landing Page has a design that never changes, and therefore is a very useless and expensive prospect when combining it with a PPC Campaign. Here's why. If you use Google Adwords PPC service, Google tracks all your ads and their conversions. Google also wants to make sure you are delivering a Quality Ads to the viewers. If you use 100 keywords or 1,000 keywords to market your product to the same Static Landing Page, Google will penalize your campaign for several reasons. Google uses a Quality Scoring System for Ad Copy Relevance, Keyword Relevancy, and Landing Page Relevance. So what does it all really mean? Well you need to combine all 3 of these factors into your Ad Campaign. So that said, while you can run a bad campaign by just having one or a few Ad Copies that each have 50 to 100 keywords associated to them and then point them to your landing page, this is where it becomes very costly on your part. Google will see that your Static landing Page is really not RELEVANT to your Keyword phrase and give you a POOR Quality Score. What does that mean? A Bad Quality Score pushes your ad to the bottom of the PPC List on a search page and increasing your CPC (Cost per Click) which is a great disadvantage to your business. In fact, your CPC will go up if you don't improve your Quality Score as it's a way to penalize the Advertiser for shoddy Ads.


So now that we have established the downside to a Web site Landing Page or a Static Landing page, let's see how we can improve this with a Dynamic Landing Page. What is then a Dynamic Landing page? It's the process of integrating a PPC Marketing Campaign with your Landing Page. It's done through Researching Keywords and separating the Lookie Loos and Researchers from the Buyer (keywords). Once you've done that, your Target market and success rate will go through the roof. Next, you need to integrate the top buyer keywords into the PPC Campaign. If you are an astute developer, you can write the code in your landing page, so your landing page script can match your keywords from your PPC Campaign. With that in mind, here is a live sample of a landing page I've developed: DIRECT LINK TO THE LANDING PAGE WHEN NOT USING THE DYNAMIC CAPABILITIES: AND HERE'S THE DYNAMIC VERSION OF THE LANDING PAGE (KEYWORD BEING POPULATED INTO THE TITLE AND THE CONTENT): Intercontinental Tahiti Resort Moorea You'll notice that if you take the link and add your own keywords, the page will display those Keywords. NOW you have a way to get Quality Scoring on every Keyword Phrase you use in your PPC Campaign. This will give you higher Ad Positions and lower your cost per click, and you will even pay less than your competitor, as you are being rewarded for your HIGH QUALITY SCORE for each ad that you place.


I can develop a DYNAMIC LANDING PAGE for your business that will make  your marketing campaign go through the roof and improve both your bottom line and profit potential while building a large subscriber base. Contact me with your request by CLICKING HERE I will respond to All Requests. TravelResort600
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