Best RV Dealer Websites

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Best RV Dealer Websites

Best RV Dealer Websites



One of the major challenges of Auto Dealerships and RV Motorhome Dealerships is building a powerful and effective Web site that delivers inventory and an attractive interface for consumers. This is the first concern from auto dealers, but the second, which is even more important, is the capabilities of SEO Marketing and getting RANKED for the inventory you carry. When reviewing companies like PSN Dealer or Auto Trader Dealer, the pitch given dealerships, is that they are the #1 Auto Dealer Web site in the World getting all the traffic. However, that is a very, very BOLD statement! It’s really a SALES PITCH.  If you dig deeper, yes, they represent 1000s of dealerships, and perhaps that is why most of the listings are found on their web sites, but does it mean they are unbeatable? Here’s what they have: they have a dealer template that was built over 10 years ago that is antiquated and really can’t compete on any level when there is competition outside their system. What does that mean? They still believe that the use of META TAGS is SEO Marketing. META TAGS are no longer trusted by Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and are no longer collected by these search engines. So if META TAGS is their SEO Marketing method and it’s not recognized by search engines, it means they have NO SEO Marketing capabilities. So why do they still get  listings in Google, Yahoo and Bing? Well, the search engine spiders and robots crawling these Web pages gather data from the page TITLE and the content on the page. So yes, they can get listings for one vehicle for one page in the search engines. But these old systems put out by PSN dealer or Auto Trader Dealer web sites have missed the boat completely. Additionally, these Web sites are maintained on their server and their domain name, and they are not customizable outside of their own Template. In fact, you as dealer are not allowed to customize their code. And just to be clear, these dealer Web sites are not built or maintained by any coders in the USA. They are outsourced to India or other developing nations. How do we know this? The only people a dealer can talk to is a Sales Rep, and they will give you all the mumbo jumbo that they can deliver at every question you shoot at them. A work ticket is assigned to all projects, and delivery on a one month project takes 6 months, if you are lucky. Do you really think your inventory will be the same 6 months from now?


With the advent of Blogging and Keyword Tagging, the Blog industry has mastered the way SEO is delivered. The most powerful side of WordPress is its Keyword Tagging capabilities, which allows the development of SEO Marketing at another level never seen before. The following dealer Web site was redeveloped from scratch and had only 10 listings in Google before the project began. The Web site, after its launch, within just 8 days received over 2,000 listings in Google and had dozens of targeted keyword phrases RANKED on the 1st page of Google, driving Targeted Traffic to its Web site. This Dealer Web site was originally launched 6 months prior to this redesign under the development of  PSN dealer and only had 10 listings in Google, and ZERO Keyword Phrases were ranked. This Dealer Web site is built with an SEO Tagging system for each RV Motorhome in its inventory, which delivers the exact Make and Model through the SEO Cloud Tag system. Additionally, through its inventory of images, we also use a naming convention that identifies every image file like this; (Year-Make-Model.jpeg file). Search engine spiders and robots can not read or see an image file, however, they can certainly read the file name, which also identifies or catalogs the image. This approach may be a little more intensive, but the end result is that the search engines love your Web site and recognize that you are delivering good content and understand what search engines are looking for. That said, expect huge TRAFFIC rewards from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.






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