and JP’s Marketing Approach

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SUCCESS Came from Providing: • Keyword Search of all Law Topics • 1 million new pages of content • Video development in major topics • Implementing an Ad Delivery system • Gathering data from RSS feeds • Developed Major city hubs • Offered Free downloadable Law forms • Began collecting subscribers • Offered memberships Free and Premium • Offered caller interaction to find an attorney • Filled Blank pages with content • Content accuracy, usability and applicability • SEO, SEM, web site UI • Adwords and Adsense development for advertising revenue • Affiliate programs • content research • Keyword research of competitors, analysis, strategies and competitiveness of major competitors,,, and • Name and Brand development • Web site traffic growth • Impact:  additional quarter million dollars in pure profit over 1st 6 months, increased monthly traffic from 766,501 per month to 1,370,762 up 179% Lawinfo-600 SaveSave
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