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by Mark T Martin on The World of Code

JP is very knowledgeable with his craft and has a great way of teaching it. His insight and follow up is amazing. He impliments proven concepts that have been a great help to our company. His insight and understanding has been invaluable in helping us reach our marketing goals.

Mark Martin CFO

by Dr Ehsan Pourshirazi on The World of Code
you are an awesome guy and you are a very knowledgeable educated man

JP, you are an awesome guy and you are a very knowledgeable educated man. I am happy I have a friend like you. One would never guess that it would take this much work and knowledge in order to print something. The ignorant thought is that you hit Command + Print and then Enter. But wow I am blown away and in recent times you had already educated me a little bit so I knew that there was a lot more involved but before you I didn't know anything about this at all.  I know that you are a busy man and have a lot on your plate but what does this mean? Would you like to start a marketing/printing company together?

5 Steps to Perfect Color Printing 

Dr Ehsan Pourshirazi 
Digital Masters Dental Studios, LLC
Guaranteed Dental Solutions

by Cyndi Silver on The World of Code
Mitzvah Magic – Simcha University

Wanted to let you know how great a job you did getting my Web site Mitzvah Magic – Simcha University up and running. Your input and expertise helped me design and enhance my Web site, its functionality, SEO, and build an ecommerce and e-learning course, for Simcha University. Your professionalism, timely response to issues, and willingness to keep a complicated project moving forward helped my company accomplish their goals. I would recommend JP from (the World of Code) to anyone looking for a solution for their Web site.

Cyndi Silver Event Planner & Designer, Author

by Chef Madie on The World of Code
Chef Madie Scottsdale, AZ

I work as a private chef and had an old web site that was very difficult to use, as I had to hire people to input new data and photos in it all the time. Then I found JP’s services through The World of Code, who recommended a WordPress web site that is user friendly, so I can maintain it myself. On the same day I consulted with him, he selected several themes that were appropriate for exhibiting my dishes, and I chose one of them. There was another issue I needed help with, as I travel for work between two states. I was very impressed at JP’s ability to set up a target marketing campaign for my services for multiple cities that worked within a week, and I found a client right away. He also helped me with instructions on how to use WordPress, and now I can do all entries on my own. I’m very impressed with the quality of services I received from JP at The World of Code, and that his efforts produced the results I needed within a week. Now I have a great and easy to use site and JP helped me save a lot of time and money by suggesting a WordPress theme for me. 

Chef Madie, Scottsdale, AZ

by Thomas Kelly on The World of Code
Hotel Wholesale Furniture & Las Vegas Hospitality Supply & Service Partners

As the Sales Director of Las Vegas Hospitality Supply & Service Partners, I began working with Mr. JP DZahr in December of 2013. JP developed a new Web site for us designed to deliver high-end leads in both new hotel construction and renovation marketplace. Within the first 3 months of his work, we received well over $2 million in project requests, and by the 6th month he had brought another $4 million in projects for us. We never expected this kind of success with a brand new Web site and not even utilizing pay per click campaigns. There is an overwhelming number of leads to fulfill, which I never thought could happen in my 25 year career. All of our previous hotel clients came from referrals, and our old Web site could not deliver us a single lead. Today, is ranked in the top 10 Internationally, has ranked #1 out of 87 million competitors, and even beats out in China in many cases. JP DZahr has a true marketing talent and ability, and we certainly won’t let him ever get away from our marketplace!

Thomas Kelly; President & Sales Director Hotel Wholesale Furniture & Las Vegas Hospitality Supply & Service Partners

by Bruce Liley on The World of Code
General Manager Broomstick, LLC

We are a technology company that assists business and organizations of all sizes reconcile, optimize and save money on Microsoft product licensing. We engaged JP DZahr to redo our website in a technology theme that aligned with our Company’s services and target audience. JP quickly and cost effectively designed and built a website that clearly communicated our Company’s services and products. JP is very creative and provided a lot of useful recommendations during the process. Not only did JP build the website, he also took the role of evaluating and adjusting the website content through the lens of a visitor to the site. JP quickly responded to requests and questions our team had during the process and continues to be available 24×7 to support and update the site as needed. JP’s value to our business was more than just building a site; he used his experience and knowledge to provide helpful guidance on how to improve the site’s SEO along with several marketing options for our team to consider. We have received numerous compliments on our site. 

Bruce Liley; General Manager Broomstick, LLC

by Phillip Nakata on The World of Code
Chief Business Officer, SMRC – Seeks partner: $Billion++ Identity; In-depth Social Research; Social Good; AI Opportunity

I’ve had the pleasure of working with JP for several years, on projects from Internet marketing to some of the most productive Green technologies to Philanthropy. We’re about the same age and share many common interests that neatly compliment each other. July 13, 2012, Phillip worked with JP at iQ Advanced and SMRC 

Phillip NakataChief Business Officer,
Seeks partner: $Billion++ Identity; In-depth Social Research; Social Good; AI Opportunity

by George Gebran on The World of Code
Chief Operating Officer U.S. Egg Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant

Earlier this year, I contracted with JP to develop and implement a web site for my restaurant brand U.S. Egg. I was extremely happy with JP’s ability to take my rough ideas, and to turn them into an accurate, professional, attractive and intuitive, user-friendly web site. JP effectively blends excellent technical skills with good listening, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills. He made this project painless, efficient, fun, and ultimately better than my original vision. JP was gracious and professional in incorporating my after thoughts and minor changes once the project was underway. I appreciated the range of JP’s expertise, which allowed us to include a printable brochure as a PDF document, a PowerPoint presentation, and links to pages in other web sites so that information from other sources would remain current. JP was forward-thinking in his design approach, and helped me to think beyond my initial imaginings. He kept the larger vision in mind, while effectively attending to accuracy and clarity in the details. JP’s dedication to the project ensured that it was completed and implemented on budget and ahead of schedule. The web site can be viewed at JP also provided the same level of professional assistance as I developed two more sites with him also I found out that JP’s services extended further than just web developing as he helped me developed a Business Plan, several PowerPoint’s, and an Excel P&L statement for a proposed project with A– List celebrity Snoop Dogg. To sum it up, my working experience with JP over the last 10 months was very positive, and he comes with my highest recommendation. Feel free to call me if I can be of any further assistance. 

George Gebran Chief Operating Officer 
U.S. Egg Breakfast & Lunch Restaurant

by Karen Kennedy on The World of Code
Denver’s best source for discovering entertainment!

JP has not only contributed to growth of FortuneBiz’s bottom line, but has brought innovative, cutting-edge ideas to fruition. Thanks JP, you rock! June 24, 2013, Karen was with another company when working with JP at 

Karen Kennedy 
Denver’s best source for discovering entertainment!

by John & Janet Evelan on The World of Code
SkyPi Online Observatory

To create a professional looking, functional website requires a great deal more input than what the average Joe can produce on a bargain hosting sight. It requires a dependable, knowledgeable web master who has the expertise to understand the needs of our business and respond with creative working solutions that fit. JP D’Zahr adapted to our unique specifications and rapidly produced a working example. This allowed us to critique a variety of visual approaches and make decisions based on those virtual prototypes. The result is a website that we at SkyPi Observatory are very pleased with and are satisfied which will grow well with us. We look forward to enjoying a further relationship with JP as we feel that he was an integral player in our future success. Thanks JP! 

John & Janet Evelan; owners 
SkyPi Online Observatory 

by Michael Nittoli on The World of Code
Designer & Director at Web sites All

I’ve known JP since 2000 when we worked together in the technology side for the banking industry and have watched his impressive business path achieve business growth exponentially over the years. JP is definitely someone I would highly recommend and even invest in anything he’d want to do. He does his comps, and all the due diligence, he has true integrity and can deliver ROI, IRR (internal rate of return) creating very profitable businesses. JP is one of these outstanding X Factor people that has proven and delivered continually. July 31, 2012, Michael reported to JP at Combio Financial Services 

Michael Nittoli 
Designer & Director at Web sites All

by Scott Bruce on The World of Code
Partner Social Market Research For Charity

I recommend Jp for any position in the internet marketing space or Green Technology industry. Jp is a unique individual with a unique skill set in these technologies. He also has a friendly “fun” personality. July 13, 2012, Scott worked directly with JP at AZ Publishing and SMRC.  

Scott Bruce Partner
Social Market Research For Charity

by Phillip Peters on The World of Code
Independent Medical Devices Professional

I hired JP at az publishing to do some changes on my website,it turned out it was alot more time involved in the changes,he is very good at what he does,he worked on the site until it was the way that i wanted it to be,proffesional attitude and work,i plan on hiring him to do some ad marketing for me, Thanks again JP. 

Phillip Peters 
Independent Medical Devices Professional

by Ricky Pierson on The World of Code
Innovation & Strategy Executive at JT Global

I had the pleasure of working with Jean-Pierre while iScan My Food was under development. Jean has a deep understanding of mobile applications and knows that for a mobile app to be a wild success you have to have a funded and targeted marketing campaign; it is not enough to get the app on the store and step back and see what happens. I enjoyed our debates about what was and was not working in mobile apps and found Jean to have great insights into what customers wanted from their mobile devices. Jean knows what he wants and will not take no for an answer, which will make him and the companies he works for successful. I look forward to working with Jean again, I’m sure he has a number of ideas for future mobile applications/services and I will see his name in print often over the next few years. July 27, 2010, Ricky was with another company when working with JP at iQ Advanced. 

Ricky Pierson 
Innovation & Strategy Executive at JT Global

by Marieta Darrah on The World of Code
Creative Director

The impact and influence of Mr. Dzahr’s marketing strategies over the entire office of 24 people at SEES translated in generating 1 million online subscribers for the company in the first 2 weeks, and in less than 30 days that number reached over 5,000,000 subscribers. Mr. DZahr had chalkboarded his strategies early on to our team, and his visionary approach, contagious enthusiasm, and problem solving abilities brought the results we were looking for. These were excellent results and the most cost effective solutions. He’s undoubtedly a true marketing genius with high integrity and confidence. August 25, 2010, Marieta worked directly with JP at SEES Inc.

Marieta Darrah
Creative Director, SEES Solar, San Diego, CA

by Thomas Katovsky on The World of Code
Owner & Co-publisher Healthy Referral

Jean-Pierre excels at looking and implementting the many layers of internet business research and technology then goes a lot deeper than most. If JP was going deep sea diving he would show you fish that you did not know existed. Thomas Katovsky, cofounder Healthy Referral Newspaper, the only full size newspaper (we know) covering natural health and good news. to see the issue dist. at the Winter Olympics. 

Thomas Katovsky 
Owner & Co-publisher Healthy Referral

by Bill Auger on The World of Code Project Manager

JP is a fount of ideas on how to grow and expand in a market, and he can undoubtedly help just about any company wanting to expand its presence on the web, and most importantly, he can help you make more money.” I recommend JP for search engine marketing for one simple, uncomplicated reason: Over the two-and-a-half years LawInfo has produced over $1,000,000 in additional revenues as a direct result of working with JP and implementing his strategies and recommendations. And the best thing is that most of that money is pure profit! 

Bill Auger Operations Manager

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